Tall Tree Alley

24 Oct

I had a saunter down Tall Tree Alley today  —

Rascarrel 015

and came out here on the Solway coast —

Rascarrel 017

There were shacks with roofs —

Rascarrel 026

and shacks without —

Rascarrel 019

but they all had one thing in common – a brilliant view down the coast —

Rascarrel 035

Miles from nowhere and this appears to be the only vehicular access —

Rascarrel 071

not that I mind a bit of solitude —

Rascarrel 066

and on a day like this what could be better than to have a whole beach to mesel —

Rascarrel 040

With wind and rain forecast for the rest of the week I made the most of my walk —

Rascarrel 068

all the way round the bay —

Rascarrel 084

to where some upmarket chalets are being built complete with roofs —

Rascarrel 088

Not a lot of individuality there then. But I’m sure they will be comfortable and eco-friendly and not a chimney to be seen. The shacks seen nestling at the other end of the bay are more my style and I noticed on my way round that each had a stack of cut driftwood out back ready for the winter chills —

Rascarrel 074

No worries – on a day like this all I needed was a flattish rock down on the beach for my picnic bench then it was time to head home as the clouds came over —

Rascarrel 092

Lovely – I had intended going to Mersehead Nature Reserve further along the coast to see the early visitors from the Arctic Circle – but – lazyitus set in. I couldn’t be bothered driving all the way over there and I reckon I made the right choice even if my ambition did exceed my capabilities (to steal a phrase Casey Stoner used about Valentino Rossi after a mid-corner fraca) when I didn’t have enough spring in my legs to ‘leap’ a flooded stream on the way round.

Luckily it was only knee-deep 🙂

Tall Tree Alley

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