Autumn Splendour

04 Nov

Sunny days 019Autumn splendour – sounds pretentious but how else can I describe the countryside I walked in this afternoon?

For a while I thought I was going to miss out on today’s sunshine and it was two in the afternoon before I had everything sorted – grabbed my stick and headed up the brae past the graveyard.

Not my usual route but I’ve got to keep pushing myself. It would be too easy to lie back and wait till my butt is sorted before taking on any exercise. With inclement weather forecast for the rest of the week I was raring to get out there before all the leaves fall.

Sunny days 002

and the sheep eat all the grass —

Sunny days 011

That photo with the sheep contrasts with the woollie backs I would see in the south Wales valleys in the late sixties when I was down that way building concrete plant in their not-so-green valleys. Our local sheep look so clean whereas the Welsh woollies were virtually black with coal dust from the pit bings around that time.

Even a colour blind ejit like me can appreciate these colours —

Sunny days 020

An arch with a gate to keep the sheep and cows from straying upriver —

Sunny days 024

It was only when I got this next pic on my ‘puter that I noticed the cow has an extra leg —

Sunny days 036

This next tree grew out across the river before it reached for the sky —

Sunny days 026

and there’s always something about a river that catches the eye —

Sunny days 029

There are still a few leaves in the hollows and valleys but it’s rather different up top —

Sunny days 042

A lovely way to spend an afternoon —

Sunny days 046

and catch a shot —

Sunny days 062

or two —

Sunny days 058

of the setting sun —

Sunny days 057

before it sinks behind the chimney pots —

Sunny days 064

Autumn Splendour

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