The Dee Estuary

25 Nov

Down where the Dee estuary meets the Irish Sea by Ross Island can be a wild place but the headland takes the brunt of a south westerly and gives the shallow tidal waters of the bay and surrounding grasslands enough protection to attract a variety of wading birds over the winter months —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 023

At high tide the wading birds can be found feeding in the grass fields around the bay leaving them with just a short hop onto the mudflats once the tide has turned —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 046

Beyond the headland at the mouth of the Dee estuary is the Irish Sea and that is where the elderly wooden fishing boat – the Fredwood – is returning from having dumped several tonnes of spent queenie shells back whence they came —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 015

The white dot – centre next pic – is the Range Safety Boat which is stationed out in the mouth of the estuary to warn passing yachtsmen when the Military Firing Range is active —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 034

The military range is way over on the far shore and the position of the Range Boat in the shelter of the headland gives  the skipper an easier time as he hasn’t much to do other than to boil the kettle and keep an eye open for passing traffic —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 035

It was good to see the usual flock of curlews – about fifty strong – back in the bay for the winter and I’m sure they will find rich pickings out there —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 030

Such a beautiful late November day – it makes for a shorter winter —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 003

and with the Christmas lights going up on the town centre trees —

River King 2 001

spring will be here before we know it —

Ross Bay n Fredwood 047

Let’s see if I can find a photo of Ross Island to finish with.

Nope – that’s St Mary’s Isle over there —

Nov 30th 002

What have we here?

Kirkcudbright harbour – with double and treble parking in places  —

Kirkcudbright from the Far Side 013

OK – here we go – yours truly with Ross Island in all it’s glory —

Donald at Ross Point


Kirkcudbright and Ross Bay

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