Susan Bird get’s Spliced

01 Dec

Susan Bird FD 357 seen here up on the stocks  (thanks to an old photo by Jimmy T)  will be celebrating her 50th birthday in 2014 —


Kirkcudbright would appear to be her home port nowadays and she spends a lot of time here in her current role as a boom scalloper or scallop beamer —


The previous pic was by B. Standerline – mine are coming up next. I’m a sucker for ropes and as a would-be rigger I love to see rope slices. During my stroll round the harbour today I spotted where the Susan Bird had been newly spliced —

Susan Bird Splice 005

A landlubber like me is never likely to be an expert in rigging a Boom Scalloper but that rope splice in the main guy wires for the boom looks as if it is to allow some stretch or ‘give’ in the tackle in the event that the lower guy fixings are not fully in line with the bottom mounting pin for the boom itself —

Susan Bird Splice 003

It’s a neat job no matter which way we look at it and no doubt a knowledgeable type will be along in a minute to tell me exactly what that rope is spliced in there for. It could even do the same job as a Shear Pin which is designed as the ‘weakest link’ that will snap or shear in the event the trawl gear gets fouled up on the sea bed and is in danger of pulling the boat over.

No worries – I’ve used this picture of the Susan Bird on the River Dee recently – not sure if it’s one of mine but I make no excuses for using it again as it shows the old boat in all her glory and eager to get out to sea —

Nov 30th 002

Susan Bird built in Visser, Holland in 1964 as the Cornelis Jan – brought to North Wales and re-named Ebanhaezer before changing hands again and being re-registered as Susan Bird after the new skipper’s granddaughter.

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