Yamaha FZ750 from 1985

20 Dec

Yamaha FZ750 from 1985  – yep – that’s where I’ve been today. Did a Doctor Who – jumped into my Tardis and turned the clock back almost thirty years to put a tidy road going Dalek back together again.

She didn’t need much work and doesn’t look bad at all. It would be a shame to pull her to bits to build a race bike out of her. With 25600 miles on the clock that works out at under 1000 miles per year and I’m sure there must be someone out there who would love to put a few more miles on her —

FZ750 007

She is very tidy complete with an early version of a double bubble screen and after market end can but apart from that is fairly standard —

FZ750 012

Yep – I like her —

FZ750 005

But – no doubt she will be wrapped up in cotton wool and tucked away somewhere for a few more years. Good – clean older bikes will appreciate in value way above the numbers that savings banks are paying out in interest these days —

FZ750 010

I mentioned Dr Who earlier in this post. A coincidence really cos I was supposed to be under the knife again in Glasgow Royal Infirmary tonight but I cancelled the op so that I can sit in reasonable comfort over Christmas. The medics have got their revenge and are to have me back in for 2nd Jan instead so it won’t be a ‘heavy duty’ Hogmanay for this sober chappie 🙂

Yamaha FZ750

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