The Rhinns of Galloway by Tenere

25 Dec

The Rinns of Galloway – the most southerly part of Scotland and right at the bottom standing at the tip on the Mull of Galloway with views to The Isle of Man is the lighthouse —

Lighthouse 009

That’s where I went today leaving Christmas behind. Not just Christmas but cars and people – a beautiful day like today after the storms and I had it all to myself —

Lighthouse 007

From my flat to the lighthouse is about sixty five miles and with traffic free roads I was there in jig-time. But it wasn’t a day for hanging around the point. It might only have been about six degrees centigrade but there was a wind coming off the sea that could skin a softie like me so after a short walk and a photo or two —

Lighthouse 017

I headed off across the narrow undulating roads to Port Logan —

Lighthouse 026

Port Logan was closed – but the beautiful bay —

Lighthouse 022

and the picturesque wee harbour were meat and drink to a guy with a camera —

Lighthouse 024

Next port of call was to be Portpatrick but I spotted my first wild geese of the year on the edge of a flooded field by the roadside along the way and they were decent enough to hang around while I took a pic – lovely —

Lighthouse 030

Portpatrick has it all.

An imposing hotel sited above the bay and harbour —

Lighthouse 031

An equally imposing Parish church on the road into town for the masses —

Lighthouse 038

and what must be the smallest church in the country just down the street for the Episcopaleans —

Lighthouse 035

With a well established palm tree across the road all I need as a couple of stiff rum and cokes and I could well imagine I’m in Malaga —

Lighthouse 041

The gravestones in the old church yard would make for interesting reading on a dull day —

Lighthouse 043

and I’m sure there’s also a fair bit of history attached to the tower and ruined church.

I asked this old boy if he knew anything about the ruins but he just ignored me and kept his unblinking gaze out to sea —

Lighthouse 045

No worries – I wandered round the harbour to what must be the smallest toilet in the world – there’s barely room to shake your thing. It must have been built by the wee episcopaleans that worship in the tiny church up the road —

Lighthouse 052

I needn’t have worried because next I got caught in the spray coming over the rocks as I tried to take a pic of the memorial for lost lifeboat men up on the right —

Lighthouse 049

Time to go on the hill road towards Stranraer hoping to get a shot across Loch Ryan to the Ferry port at Cairnryan but stopped on the way when a host of Alec Salmond’s wind turbines caught my eye —

Lighthouse 054

These things are everywhere and the jury is still out on whether they will be the answer to keeping the lights on.

Ahhh – the ferries – with Stenna Line in pole position in the race across the sea to Ireland —

Lighthouse 060

It was a pleasure to be out there in the sunshine at this time of year and I even took time to catch the sunset over The Machars on my way home —

Lighthouse 062

But – I was so knackered I couldn’t find the energy to cook my Christmas dinner. No worries – It can wait till Boxing day as no doubt I have just experienced the lull before the storm 🙂

The Rinns of Galloway

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