Walking the Wetlands

29 Dec

Walking the Wetlands is a bit of a mis-nomer as it was mostly dry underfoot thanks to the Scottish National Trust wallahs and their path-building expertise on Threave Estates.

Just a few miles from my door – it’s a nice place to go with flask and sannies even at this time of year when the ospreys are back in Africa on their winter migration.

Threave Castle at Xmas 001

I miss my binoculars on days like this but I sent my Bushnell Elite binos back to the importer for repairs to the spring loaded strap fixings after they gave way and almost dropped overboard in a hairy moment. Would you believe – the importers have gone bust and my binos have been posted missing. That’s a lot of cash to lose but I don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. No worries – it’s something less to carry and I seem fated to lose my binos anyway as I left my Leica’s behind in a bird hide a few years ago and never saw them again either.

At least I had my wee Canon Powershot SX210 camera – slips in the pocket and so easy to use – even by a duffer like me —

Threave Castle at Xmas 005

There was a whole host of swans enjoying the recently created wetlands just outside the bend in the river —

Threave Castle at Xmas 012

I love it here —

Threave Castle at Xmas 016

It’s seldom busy at this time of year and the osprey viewing platform makes for a useful dry-standing to stop for a cuppa – even if I’ve taken my life in my hands by showing this photo. Yes I forgot to use the quirky thermos cup I got as a Christmas present!

Threave Castle at Xmas 020

The all-important osprey nest is way over there behind me —

Threave Castle at Xmas 037

After my nettle tee I swam across the river here – invigorating stuff nettle tea —

Threave Castle at Xmas 026

and climbed up the tree to photograph the nest —

Threave Castle at Xmas 053

But that would get me into trouble with the Trust Rangers so I will let you work it out for yourself.

I could have rang the bell all day to no avail as the boatman is on his seasonal break —

Threave Castle at Xmas 047

Changed days – back in the 14th century when the castle was the home of Black Douglas the Grim it was a case of ring the bell once then run like hell! But today – not even a castle raven to be seen —

So I settled for a flaky shot of the geese as they honked overhead in formation —

Threave Castle at Xmas 045

and an equally hazy shot of a skittish wee roe deer looking for a way over the fence to catch up with mum and dad —

Threave Castle at Xmas 051

I just caught a glimpse of movement from three white bobtails on the far side of the field in the gathering gloom – put the Powershot on full zoom (56x) – pointed and clicked. The computer did the rest when I got home. Bet Sir David Attenborough does it that way too  🙂

Oh-oh! I’ve been spotted! Here comes trouble!

‘Hey! I’m the Daddy! What you doin messin with my kid’s nest?’ —

American eagle

‘If I catch you up that tree with your camera again I will feed you to the fishes!’

Walking the Wetlands

Happy New Year Everyone – may 2014 be a good one for you – Don 🙂

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