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All Washed Up

My larch planks are rotted – my oak ribs are sprung —

Sea Shanty 050

My rudder has gone missing – from where it hung —

Sea Shanty 032

I’ve sailed for glory – had my time in the sun —

Sea Shanty 054

Now my bolts are all rusted – my working life done 

Sea Shanty 052

‘They’ve stolen my engine’ – hear my plaintive cry —

Sea Shanty 037

Sold to the scrapman – for the price of a pie —

Sea Shanty 060

I’m done with fishing – I gave it my best —

Sea Shanty 034

I’m washed up on the shore – and here I will rest —

Sea Shanty 028


With apologies to that other great Scottish bard – Rabbie Burns 🙂

All Washed Up

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