Life in a Lighthouse?

13 Jan

Lighthouse 009A quick scroll through Exchange & Mart will show a few decommissioned lighthouses for sale. Some have been bought with the best of intentions and turned into restaurants – B&B’s and letting apartments. Somewhere along the way the very remoteness that appealed in the first place can come into play and the property goes back on the market.

There are a few to chose from at the moment but only for those with deep pockets. The one for sale on my doorstep is Killantringan Lighthouse just a short hop as the crow flies north of Portpatrick on the Southern Upland Long Distance Walk.

The asking price is just under half a million which is a snip compared with some further south where figures approaching one and half mil is the going rate.

Killantringan or Portpatrick Lighthouse as it is called in some sales lit —


Ireland is over there somewhere and if it’s blowing a hoolie you can always watch it in comfort from here —


But for those odd days when there’s no cold wind whistling round the tower – this hits the spot —


I could work in this kitchen and as a life-long user of Michelin tyres on my bikes it shouldn’t be difficult to pick up a few stars for my past support should I decide to branch out into the restaurant trade —


So – there are all mod-cons and comfort too in these places —


But – that was the dream – now for the reality —



Winter weather - Feb 6th


Do you still want to live in a lighthouse? 🙂

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