Tenderised by Tenere

18 Jan

Tenere Trumps 016 My Yamaha Tenere XTZ 660. Yes I’ve still got the Wee Ten despite partially blaming her for the sore butt I’ve been having fixed for the past sixteen months. I didn’t find the saddle was a comfortable place to be on during the long days I spent there as I traipsed across Europe.

But it wasn’t Europe that got me in the end (sic). It was a soaking wet eight – ten days tour of the Outer Hebrides so perhaps the much-maligned Tenere seat wasn’t to blame after all. There was certaiunly little respite from soggy bike suits – torrential rain and flooded roads followed by delayed ferries and long ferry journeys in damp clothes on that trip.

The run up to Oban from down here in south-west Scotland was done in torrential rain – enough to overwhelm my new Heine Gerricke Goretex lined suit and it was still damp when I made an early morning start from my overnight digs in Oban. It was a short run round the harbour to the ferry terminal and the Ten and I were soon on the Calmac boat for the long sail to the Isle of Barra —


Leaving the rain behind through the Sound of Mull —

Hebrides 013

The view over to Vatersay from my bedroom window on Barra —

Hebrides 015

and in close-up —

Hebrides 042

Of course I had to check out the landing strip on the beach —

Hebrides 028

and polish the otter’s head —

Hebrides 038

before leaving on the short ferry trip to South Uist —

Hebrides 046

South Uist passed in a water soaked blurr – whole hillsides appeared to be pouring across the single track road at some points and all I wanted was to get over to Skye and better weather. But the ferry was broken down and somehow I found my way to the beautiful Isle of Berneray —

Hebrides 063

A welcome B&B gave me a good night’s sleep and I left the Ten in the shed next to the Massey Ferguson tractor and walked the white sandy beaches under blue skies all the way round the island —

Hebrides 075

Next day I was back to riding in torrential rain but I do treasure this rare sunset —

Hebrides 053

There had been drier trips in previous years – this time the Ten and I are on the Isle of Tiree —

Tiree 096

amongst thatched cottages —

Tiree 097

and white sandy beaches —

Tiree 168

But the white stuff isn’t always sand —


Although the Landy Lads like it up by the ski slopes —


It was just a matter of clearing the snow off the bike outside the bunkhouse in Braemar where I had spent a couple of nights then heading up to the ski slopes at Glenshee —


Another day I was in Scottish Border country not too far from Hermitage Castle where I found a trail with a ford to wet the tyres a time or two —


Time for a mug of tea while waiting for the lads to turn up on an away day to Kielder in Northumberland —


This time she is parked a tad nearer home by the Solway Firth —


She’s a bike for all roads —

Single Track 038

or no roads —

March bike 007

and sunny days too —

The Urr 010

So what brought this on? Well – after missing the joys of motorcycling for the past sixteen months while the medics did their thing in a place where I can’t keep an eye on what they are doing I think I’m sorted. So sure am I that I went to check the Tenere out at a friend’s house where she has been hibernating and found her as tidy as the day back in Feb 2009 when I bought her new —


and despite her twenty thousand hard miles she fired up on the button like a good-un —

Tenere mods 004

Where to this time? —


Maybe Berneray —

Hebrides 073

Or will it be Tiree?

Tiree walk 016

That’s the morning sun as seen from the Isle of Tiree.


Yamaha Tenere XTZ 660


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