Natalie B – The New Girl in Town

22 Jan

Natalie B – a nice name for the new girl in town. I spotted her this morning looking smart considering she was built back in 1967 —

Natalie B 005

Beam rigged for dredging scallops with a useful 373KW Deutz marine diesel downstairs. At least that’s what’s listed but she has changed names and owners and port of registration more than once in her forty odd years so there’s every chance her motor has been changed too —

Natalie B 004

Steel hulled and weighing in at 124 tonnes for her 26metre length she certainly looks built for the job —

Natalie B 001

Although I did have to pirate a pic off the net to show her in full —

Natalie-B H1074 (q1)+

and another – probably berthed in the north-east judging by the background —

natalie b


Here she is at work —

Hull reg Natalie B

and I had to look twice at this one before I got the full picture —

Natalie B x 2

Natalie B – The New Girl in Town

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