Across Loch Ken – on Foot

02 Mar

I did think I was going to be able to cross this old railway bridge —

Rain Testing 038

and cross it I did. Only to find my route to the main road on the far side blocked by a locked gate surrounded by barbed wire where the old railway embankment meets a caravan site called Alcatraz  —

Rain Testing 036

In many parts of the world this crossing would be classed as the main road but in current day UK where Jack the Jobsworth holds all the Aces it’s classed as dangerous —

Rain Testing 021

Maybe I should have taken note but ask yourself – ‘why did the chicken cross the road’?

Rain Testing 026

‘To get to the other side of course.’ Particularly when there is an Orkney Longliner down there to look over. Just another one in the long list of ‘big boys toys’ I would like to have in my toy box —

Rain Testing 030

She was on an ‘away day’ from Lake Windermere and she went back on the trailer and straight down the road behind a big Trannie van with only two small pike to show for her long distance fishing trip —

Rain Testing 034

It wasn’t a day for hanging around so after another butchers from the bridge at the view down a driech Loch Ken —-

Rain Testing 042

It was time to head back over the hill to my car.

Rain Testing 015

I’ve got to say the snazzy new jaikit bought in a sale recently is remarkably waterproof considering she cost less than forty quid and she was well tested out there today 🙂


Across Loch Ken – on Foot

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