Tenere at Loch Ken

03 Mar

It was my turn to block a bridge today —

Loch Ken Circle 028

But I was just playing games for my camera in the rare sunshine. If Mr Farmer had come along with his big four wheel drive tractor I would have been out of there sharpish. In fact I had found a perfect spot for my picnic lunch just over the bridge in a park beyond a wicket gate and it didn’t look as if this track had been used for a long time —

Loch Ken Circle 033

I had the place all to myself so I chose a bench with a view —

Loch Ken Circle 037

There are wild geese way down there on the bank – wait a mo’ and I will bring them closer —

Loch Ken Circle 041

My route had taken me up the dark side of the loch on greasy roads but the Tall Ten is sure-footed on it’s Metzler Tourance tyres so there’s never a slip nor slide on the way —

Rain Testing 012

I even took time out to stop for photos of the water rushing down off the hillside and white clouds reflecting on a calm Loch Ken —

Loch Ken Circle 001

before swinging round the top of Loch Ken by New Galloway and enjoying the dry tarmac down the sunnyside – with more stops on the way —

Loch Ken Circle 007

The bridge way down there in the distance is the one I walked over yesterday in the rain —

Loch Ken Circle 014

Three spans wide – a thing of beauty from the steam age – it’s a shame to let it go to waste —

Loch Ken Circle 021

But I settled for a smaller much safer one over what would have been the original railway cutting on the line just a smidgeon north of the village of Parton and took time to pose for a quick ‘selfie’ before getting back on the road —

Loch Ken Circle 051



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