Birthday Treat

28 Mar

Lorraine at homeWhen you don’t see much of your children it’s great to have that ‘special day’ now and again. Daughter Lorraine found time to come south from her home in the Trossachs to meet me in Moffat – roughly halfway between our respective homes and just a mile from the M74.

Moffat turned out to be ideal for both of us. Her golden retriever the ever present Lady Bella was raring to go by the time we met in the empty car park on the outskirts of town. A quick look at the nearby notice board listed numerous walks in the area varying from 4 – 12 kms in length. Moffat doesn’t claim to be the ‘Walkers Town’ for nothing..

The 4k walk by the riverside looked promising and we opted for that. It was getting on for lunchtime anyway so we weren’t going to be too ambitious. Bella loved it and it wasn’t long before she was cooling off in the clear waters of the river beside us as we enjoyed our chat along the tree lined bank.

Walking on a sandy trail by the clear fast flowing waters were a treat after a diet of the muddy waters and banks of the Dee Estuary. I’ve been in Moffat many times on my bike but the clutter of bike gear doesn’t lend itself to much exercise and I seldom venture further than the town centre Rumblin Tum for a coffee when I’m travelling on two wheels.

Rainnie Days 011

The Rumblin Tum was where we were going next and they didn’t let us down. Lunch was good and the comfy sofa’s by the low tables in the window suited our informal mood. Lunch over we disturbed Lady Bella from her sleep in the car and took a walk round town. Unlike many towns of a similar size Moffat appears to be booming. Yes there are a few Charity shops but nothing to indicate that it is other than a thriving market town catering for surrounding country folk and tourists alike.


Walking and talking proved to be thirsty work so when we found an attractive looking American Diner styled café we had but one thought —

American Diner - Copy

It was like old times as we played Noughts and Crosses with the tabletop set and enjoyed the atmosphere which was helped along with the music coming from old-fashioned vynil played on a proper record player. Part of the café sold antiques and upstairs had a selection of old style clothing where we had fun with the pink wig —

pink wig

All too soon it was time to leave —


Moffat – a marvellous find and I’m sure it won’t be long before our roads meet there again —

My Ladies


If that was my ‘Birthday Treat’ I would be quite happy to have a birthday every day 🙂

Birthday Treat

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