Don’t Fence Me In

06 May

Don’t fence me in – a forlorn cry from the ranchers in the early American mid-west as the late arriving sodbusters challenged their hold on the never-ending prairies.

Vikings are Coming 021

I sing the same song most days when I’m out on the Tenere —

Vikings are Coming 013

This time it’s my home turf in south-west Scotland that answers my plea —

Vikings are Coming 005

We must have the highest mileage of unfenced roads of any county in the UK —

Vikings are Coming 017

OK – there’s an occasional wall but I had to get a shot of the bluebells in this next one —

Vikings are Coming 025

and the castle just a few yards down the road —

Vikings are Coming 033

with a view across the loch —

Vikings are Coming 035

But I prefer to pick my own ever-changing view —

Vikings are Coming 044

Back in the wild west the ‘baddie’ always wore a black hat —

Vikings are Coming 057

Down the road a bit further – under the canopy of a Scots Pine and another loch —

Vikings are Coming 062

It’s not all sweetness and light – this poor cow with the swollen udder is heading to be milked to ease her pain and her dead calf is in the box behind the tractor at the back. Her upset mate jumped the wall right in front of me to keep her company on the way to the steading —

Vikings are Coming 064

I was happy to leave that sad scenario behind and head on down to the coast for the refreshing sight of waves breaking on the shore round the bay —

Vikings are Coming 065

Nice one —

Vikings are Coming 072

I left the Ten to chat to a well used TDM parked by the cross in Wigtown and went off to enjoy a leisurely latte-to-go in the picturesque town centre park on my return leg —

Vikings are Coming 075

When I eventually reached home I was just in time to catch the Viking longboat escaping through the wall of the Stewartry Museum next door —

Vikings are Coming 001

No worries – I had a pain free afternoon in the saddle – maybe the many stops for photos helped. Whatever – I hope it’s the first of many 🙂

Don’t Fence Me In

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