Around Loch Ken by Tenere

15 May

Hi Ho Silver – I’m the Lone Ranger – Not. But it certainly felt like it this evening.

That’s not Silver enjoying the late evening sun —

Bruce's Stone 059

and this isn’t the Lone Ranger —

Bruce's Stone 016

But that is Bruce’s Stone he has his foot on. King Robert was fighting a guerrilla war in these parts and he is supposed to have fallen asleep while leaning against it —

Bruce's Stone 001

It was lovely in the forest tonight —

Bruce's Stone 026

and real nice out of it too —

Bruce's Stone 062

The Ten went off to herd some sheep at one stage —

Bruce's Stone 027

while I messed around with the camera —

Bruce's Stone 042

then we had fun on the dirt —

Bruce's Stone 039

The Ten likes to pose —

Bruce's Stone 046

and I really like this shot —

Bruce's Stone 052

but I’m spoiled for choice tonight —

Bruce's Stone 031

so I will stop —

Bruce's Stone 021

while I’m ahead 🙂

Bruce's Stone 024

Hi Ho Silver

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