Tenere Logging on Laurieston

16 May

Logging on Laurieston? Stick with me – I’ll get there eventually. I decided to change the oil and filter on the Ten today. It’s almost two years since she had an oil change but with only 2500 miles covered in that time while I was attending surgery she wasn’t coming to any harm.

just serviced 002

A pleasant afternoon spent fiddling around with my spanners was all the excuse I needed to take her out on ‘test’ this evening.

just serviced 003

A bike ride keeps me out of the pub and also means I don’t spend my evening cooking and eating. Pays dividends on the waist line —

just serviced 007

I started late so I didn’t go far – round to Gatehouse and over the hill to Laurieston was enough running to check for oil leaks —

just serviced 012

and that brought me to the Laurieston Forest logs – I told you I would get there —

just serviced 010

It’s a shame that straight mature trees like that find themselves chopped into short lengths and turned to pulp or chipboard but it’s the way of the world —

just serviced 015

I can see where all this bike maintenance is leading to – one of these fine days the Ten and I will probably be loading up and heading off somewhere. That is providing I get the all-clear on my next visit to the surgeon in July 🙂

Logging on Laurieston

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