Swan Lake

25 May

Swans – possibly my favourite bird. They could teach us ‘umans a thing or two – that’s for sure.

Swans 011

Take these two that I met today for instance – in actual fact there’s eight of them —


Swans 016

Mum and Dad and six babes – they mate for life and there’s none of this ‘feed the strongest and squeeze the weaklings out of the nest’ business that some breeds of birds practise —

Swans 007

Yes I like em – despite the fact that one angry swan chased me home when I was only four years old.

Swans 017

I had thrown the swan a piece of bark – one peck and it knew it wasn’t a crust of bread and the chase was on. I screamed my way up the river bank with it’s flapping wing feathers scratching my bare legs and it’s beak rapping a tattoo on the back of my poor head!

Swans 025

Didn’t let up till I shot into the kitchen and my mother took over from it – ‘Fit hiv you been daein tae that pair burrd’?

Swans 023

Didn’t matter what we did as kids – we were always in the wrong. Perhaps that’s why I appreciate these quiet places for my after dinner walks now 🙂


Swan Lake

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