Looking for Moses

30 May

Went looking for Moses in the bulrushes tonight – but no joy. I did disturb a few midgies though which wasn’t surprising – still water – ferns and trees overhead on a muggy night – perfect midge weather.

Fen shui 002

Didn’t expect to find Moses amongst the ferns – but bulrushes now – he could be hidden in there in his basket —

Fen shui 016

I will ask Mr Duck if he has seen anything suspicious—

Fen shui 009

He is waiting for his missus to cruise past – she’s so well camouflaged that even he is looking the wrong way —

Fen shui 018

The pagoda looks like a place of interest – maybe the inscrutable fella up top saw where Moses is hiding —

Fen shui 024

Nah – he would need eyes in the back of his head or 360 degree vision and he has neither. No basket up in the rafters either but just look at the way these roof beams are notched and pinned – lovely job —

Fen shui 023

Water lillies are nice although they are few and far between —

Fen shui 020

If he was left under the bridge he might have floated out to sea by now – it’s less than two miles from here to the coast —

Fen shui 033

Lovely night – lovely ride —

Fen shui 030

must remember to pack the midge deterrent next time 🙂


Looking for Moses

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