Natterjack Country

01 Jun

Natterjack? It’s a toad and I never was keen on them but this is certainly Mr Toad Territory where I found a mossy log twixt track and loch to press into service as my Sunday picnic lunch pew —

Natterjack 001

The view was a bonus —

Natterjack 003

and talking of things ‘mossy’ — I had old ‘mossy-horn’ here for company —

Natterjack 024

Toads may have been in short supply today but I prefer frogs anyway – at least I think this is a frog that I found hiding in the undergrowth —

Natterjack 008

With 20000 miles in five years the Ten is still looking good and going well. She has handled everything I’ve thrown at her in that time – from long days at high revs on european motorways to trundling along local forest trails – nothing seems to faze her —

Natterjack 013

The rider is still the weakest link but he is slowly getting ‘saddle-fit’ —

Natterjack 019

He seems to take two steps forward to one back but getting there and being out and about is certainly the best medicine around —

Natterjack 022

Thanks to google I can show you a Natterjack Toad —


I reckon my wee frog is much more photogenic —

Natterjack 008

but all I need now is someone with the ‘knowledge’ to tell me that my bonnie wee frog is only a toad 🙂


Natterjack Country

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