Garlieston – Home to the Mulberry Harbour

03 Jun

The Mulberry Harbour – a pre-fabricated series of caisons and steel bridge works which were built at Colwyn Bay in North Wales and tested on the Solway coast at Garlieston.


It was a massive civil engineering project which took years to complete but was instrumental in the success of the 1944 D-Day Landings in Normandy as it made it possible to quickly build a beach head where supplies and support battalions could be unloaded from deep draught ships and put ashore without the need to capture a heavily defended port such as Calais or Le Havre.

Mulberry Harbour 006

The bay here at Garlieston was found to have similarities to parts of the French coastline and had the added benefit that this sleepy little corner of the UK was a long haul for the German bombers even if it’s secret status was breached.

I ran amok down there with my camera this afternoon without fear of being arrested as a spy —

Mulberry Harbour 007

The busiest part of town was the caravan site on the way to the harbour and with most of it’s inhabitants being older than me it is possible that they remember this place from the first time round.

But – a landing was taking place while I was there – several bags of whelks from a wee Oban registered fishing boat —

Mulberry Harbour 019

It looked like hard work for the guy – working on his own with several pauses to rest his aching back – it took him a while to chuck all fifteen bags on to the quay where they were hosed down before being loaded into his van. Quite a load but it looked like a good day’s work – I hope he made a bob or two cos he certainly deserved to.

I like this old thing – looks like a converted ship’s lifeboat and would be ok on a day like today —

Mulberry Harbour 011

I stopped by Bladnoch Distillery on my way back as I couldn’t resist a shot of the old bridge —

Mulberry Harbour 022

even if it meant I had to risk the wrath of an old lady to take the pic from her garden —

Mulberry Harbour 023

It was one of these lovely days to be out on the bike – a quick squirt of 98Ron fuel at Newton Stewart flattened out some of the lumpiness of the big single once I got going again and persuaded me to take the long-way-home by the Queen’s Drive through to New Galloway —

Mulberry Harbour 026

With the wind on my back the Ten just sailed along on the breeze. Magic 🙂


Garlieston – Home of the Mulberry Harbour

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