Tenere Tango

06 Jun

Summer's Here 006It was one of those purrfict days – wall to wall sunshine – dry roads and a good bike under me. What more does a man need? Ok – don’t answer that šŸ™‚

The road from Newton Stewart to Girvan is a real test – poorly surfaced – it had the Tenere in Tango mode but no worries – I enjoyed the dance.

The view over Girvan Town to the Isle of Arran stopped me in my tracks as I cameĀ out of the hillsĀ to startĀ the twisting descent towards the coast. If I was a betting man I would lay odds on that rock in the thumbnail being made of the same granite as Ailsa Craig. They are both what’s left of volcanic plugs and I doubt if they are much more than a mile apartĀ Ā —

Summer's Here 001

Girvan Harbour didn’t seem to have much to offer until I was almost in the town centre – that’s when I spotted the Argosy which works out of my home town at the scalloping – she was up on the stocks across the riverĀ for her annual paint and refit. I think the red hull means she is registered in Northern Ireland. Something to do with the Red Hand of Ulster I believe – or did I just make that up? Folks have been knee-capped for less.

Summer's Here 009

Safer out on the road – and here we are with a view out to the giant curling stane that is Ailsa Craig —

Summer's Here 003

Then it was a nice run down the coast road —

Summer's Here 011

to Ballantrae would you believe —

Summer's Here 017

where the rape seed brought in on the wind has rooted in a splash of colour —

Summer's Here 025

The pollen is probably getting up my sensitive hooter so – after a walk down the shore —

Summer's Here 045

I took off down past the ferry terminal at Cairnryan to Stranraer and Portpatrick where I had a late light lunch on the new veranda at Harbour HouseĀ with views across the sea to Northern IrelandĀ —

Summer's Here 049

Yup – a purrfict day šŸ™‚

Summer's Here 048


Tenere Tango

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