Perfect Day

17 Jul

Drove the hundred or so miles up to Glasgow t’other day to see my Consultant for what I thought would be a two minute check up.

Carrick Shore 039

She was running two hours late but – no worries – they are busy people up there and nothing if not thorough. So thorough in fact that I came out of there after the third hour with a list as long as my arm of things to be checked by my local doc back home.

Carrick Shore 050

Don’t know when I’m going to have the time for that cos – if I’m not gardening —

Carrick Shore 061

or tending my roses —

Carrick Shore 064

early sunflowers – begonias – bhudlia and suchlike in the busy little plot out front —

Carrick Shore 055

I’m heading for the hills with the Ten —

Carrick Shore 003

to check out what the farmers have been up to along the way and chosing a picnic spot with a view where I can have my late lunch —

Carrick Shore 013

Then – when the day is almost done it’s back to the coast to watch the sun go down —

Carrick Shore 031

At least my pictures make better viewing than the consultants will when I go back to the Royal in a couple of weeks time for her to poke at my insides during a colonoscopy 🙂

Perfect Day

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