Water of Fleet

18 Aug

The source of the Water of Fleet is a hidden gem —

Loch of Fleet 001

The loch nestles in a hilltop crater several miles back into the forest —

Loch of Fleet 002

It’s well worth the effort to get there – with views on the way —

Loch of Fleet 004

that go on forever —

Loch of Fleet 006

and ever —

Loch of Fleet 010

No matter where you point the camera —

Loch of Fleet 017

A lovely way to spend a couple of hours with the Ten —

Loch of Fleet 015

and much easier than walking when you have a gammy leg —

Loch of Fleet 019

A great place to paddle —

Loch of Fleet 009

and thankfully the weather forecasters got it wrong again when they said it would be heavy rain by mid-afternoon. Just as well we pay them no heed 🙂

Water of Fleet

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