Rose Hip Syrup

19 Aug

Rose Hip Syrup – it was the first thing that I thought of when I saw these beauties growing wild down on the coast —

Whithorn 003

As a war baby I went to school just in time to collect wild rose hips from the hedgerows and we got a few pennies per pound when they were sent off by the teacher to be made into rose hip syrup. —

Whithorn 005

Every penny was a prisoner in those far off days of food rationing and every little helped —

Whithorn 001

I could say the same about a Geordie holidaymaker who came to my rescue today —

Whithorn 002

He popped up from nowhere on this deserted beach —

Whithorn 006

and helped me get the Ten out of the hole it had dug for itself amongst these loose pebbles and back onto terra firma —

Whithorn 007

My face was red – and it wasn’t just from exertion 🙂

Rose Hip Syrup

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