Tenere in the Tundra

06 Sep

Tundra? Well that’s what some of it felt like – quiet lochs with no name in the forests —

Bargness 002

Bigger lochs out on the moors —

Bargness 008

and some that aren’t lochs at all like this Otter Pool on the River Cree —

Bargness 017

I had expected to be heading off to an Air Show with the boys this morning but the ol’ body let me down. It was gone two by the time I hit the road – only to turn for home after the first seven miles.

Bargness 003

The turbulence and vibration from the standard screen was bugging me so I rode back home again and whipped it off.

Bargness 006

A-hhh – peace at last – that screen has been off and on so many times. It is incredibly noisy even with the earplugs in. If I have any sense it will stay off till I find or make sumthin that suits  —

Bargness 005

Without it I don’t even need the plugs. Looks odd though – wish I could get one just two inches tall —

Bargness 015

I saw some lovely places in the backwoods where I hadn’t ridden before —

Bargness 009

But now I know they are there —

Bargness 014

no doubt I will see them again 🙂

Tenere in the Tundra

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