The Honesty Egg Box

24 Sep

eggs 8Was out on a scouting mission in the Wigtown Badlands down on the marshes. With the Book Festival starting on Friday of this week I had things to suss out.

An hour with Francesca Martinez – comedienne – on her new book – ‘What the *** is Normal’ could be a fun way to pass an evening.

If she doesn’t ring my bell – perhaps the Kirkcudbright Pipe Band giving it laldy in the town centre before the Firework Display over the River Cree Marshes as darkness falls should raise a few ducks.

Managed to grab the last two tickets for her spiel and was also put on the waiting list for cancellations to the 1953 film ‘Rob Roy the Highland Rogue’ which is on in the makeshift Town Hall cinema next week. ‘Disney’s adaption of Sir Walter Scott’s novel stars Richard Todd, Glynis Johns and the inimitable James Robertson Justice.’ I’m sure I saw it first time round but I would love to see it again.

Job done I decided to take the scenic route back to the A75 and home. There’s not much traffic on the single track road alongside the Cree estuary so I wasn’t holding anyone up when I spotted this roadside Honesty Egg Box and skidded to a halt before reversing back to check it out —


Beady eyed Mrs Rhode Island Red had been left in charge and she made sure I put the right money in the box as I picked out the last of her eggs —


Her buddies – the Brown Leghorns weren’t far away either —


and they don’t come more Free Range than this —


Reminds me of when I was a kid and was always listening for the triumphant ‘I’ve just laid’ cackle from the hens and banties in particular when they thought they were being clever and dropped their eggs out of sight in the hayshed somewhere. My elder brother Jim or I would usually find them but on the rare occasion we didn’t – Mother Hen would come strutting into the yard about a couple of weeks later with a half dozen or so fluffy yellow chicks in tow.

I might have more to eat with my breakfast egg these days but it would be a much poorer plate without them 🙂

eggs 1

and I know what Mr Owl is thinking —


‘What a fuss to make about a few eggs!’ 🙂

Must show you this ‘but n ben’ I saw down the road a bit on the edge of the forest —

eggs 003

Nice one —

eggs 004

With views I could live with —

eggs 006

Oh yes —

eggs 008

Love it —

eggs 007

The Honesty Egg Box

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