Damson Jam Special

26 Sep

Me with sunflowers 001You know – I didn’t grow flowers – ever – until last year and this year the ‘new’ thing in my life is making jam. Yup – I’m becoming ‘domesticated’ at last and believe it or not – I’m enjoying it.

Today it was the turn of the new season damsons. Our old post office has moved to a back shop position round at the paper shop and an enterprising local couple have opened a fruit and veg emporium in it’s place.

So far they are making a cracking job of it with fresh produce on the shelves every second day which is not bad for a wee shopkeeper way down here in the boondocks. Didn’t expect to find damsons locally but there they were and selling like hotcakes – more strength to their elbows.

Bought mesel three pounds of the fruit plus a kilo of preserving sugar from the local Tesco and thought I was set fair to make some jam. Then I spotted a bramley apple left over from the bramble jam I made earlier in the week so I peeled and cubed that before nipping back to Tesco for a tub of cloves. When I get something in my head and imagine the taste in my mouth it’s difficult to shake it free.

Three pounds of damsons – a fresh lemon – a bramley apple – a scattering of cloves plus a kilo of preserving sugar – sorted ready for action —

damson jam 001

Put a romantic CD on the Bose and sat down to de-stone the damsons – Jim Reeves helped things along nicely and it wasn’t long till I was halfway through —

damson jam 003

Maybe I would have been quicker rocking with Elvis but there’s no hurry and I got there in the end.

So did all my fingers —

damson jam 004

I have a job following a recipe at best of times and today was no exception. The stones – cloves – cubed apple and lemon juice were boiled up in the pint of water that the recipe asked for before straining the liquid into a stock to add to the stewing fruit later. If it works for soup – why shouldn’t it work for jam.

Then my new chip pan was produced with a flourish and soon the whole caboodle was stewing nicely on the stove —

damson jam 005

The wooden tattie masher on the right? I used it to mash down the fruit as I didn’t want it to be boiling forever. It’s only my second attempt at making jam and it’s a case of suck it and see —

damson jam 008

And what do I see? Six jars of beautiful – tasty – damson jam. My ol’ mum would never have believed it possible —

Winter supply 001

Her fumble-fingered No 3 son making jam – should be enough there to see me through the winter months. I’m on a roll now so I’ve just got to find out when the marmalade making season comes round and I will have my hat trick 🙂


Damson Jam Special

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