Rolling Border Hills

28 Sep

p 2I’ve fallen in love with the border town of Peebles of late. To be honest I never regarded Peebles as being part of the border experience as it’s closer to Edinburgh than it is to England and doesn’t really have a presence in serious border rugby.

But it’s non-the-worse for all that as the parochialism that goes with most border towns isn’t so noticeable and situated as it is on the banks of the River Tweed makes it a comfortable and picturesque place to visit.

I’ve been fortunate to find a modestly priced hotel just off the town centre and the rock bottom price for B&B on a particular quiet night of the week includes free access to the Hydro Leisure Centre.

All these plus points makes a visit to Peebles a no-brainer for a guy in need of deep heat to loosen the joints and the use of a decent swimming pool to give my poorly knee some non-impact exercise.

But it’s not all about the destination. The border roads form terrific motorcycling routes and even if it’s the car that’s the favoured mode of transport the scenery through the valleys of the rolling border hills is worth the trip in itself —

St Marys Loch 3

Just as well I don’t do ‘photoshop’ or I would have painted that lamp post out and the folks up at Tibbieshiels would have lost their internet connection —

St Marys Loch 2

This could be the headwaters of the River Clyde where I stopped for a picnic lunch on the way up —

Peebles United 055

Whichever water it is – it’s a nice place to stop and with the gold laden Wanlockhead and Leadhills not so far away there’s always the chance I might trip over a nugget —

Peebles United 050 - Copy

Especially as the riverbed changes course slightly during the winter floods and exposes new territory every year —

Peebles United 053

Nugget or no nugget – I love it up here —

Peebles United 057

and the river bank is but a couple of hops from the road 🙂

Peebles United 058

OK – you’ve had the holiday snaps now here’s an artistic one from a guest snapper with a penchant for the double entendre —

StMarys Loch 4

Loch of the Lowes if I’m not mistaken 🙂


Border Hills







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