Border Raider

06 Oct

Border Raider? I guess this must have been what it was like when Young Lochinvar came out of the west to woo the fair Ellen. Skulking in the trees across the river from her family castle — Neildpath 002 H-mmm — wonder which window her old man has locked her behind — Neildpath 004 The old bugger wants a big dowry for her and has promised her hand in marriage to a rich old codger from south of the border — Neildpath 005 Ahh – this looks promising. There’s no windows round the back. Maybe I can creep in from behind and steal her away — Neildpath 006 But it’s going to mess up my fine doublet and hose wading across there — Neildpath 001 Better to head upstream and look for a bridge – ah-ha – that one in the distance looks promising — Neildpath 015 A bridge that Dr Beeching missed when he was commissioned to rip all the branch lines out of Scotland back in 1966 — Neildpath 008 Beeching did more damage to the Scottish infra-structure than Oliver Cromwell ever could — Neildpath 007 No worries – I’m in ‘creepin up the back’ mode now — Neildpath 011 getting closer — Neildpath 013 ever closer — Neildpath 025 Maybe I should guddle a trout or two from the laird’s larder while I’m here — Neildpath 022 because after all that creepin aboot I never did get in to see the Fair Ellen — Neildpath 026 Truth can be stranger than fiction. Thanks to the wonders of Wilkipedia I found after I’d put up my blog that the ghost of Jean Douglas is said to haunt Neidpath Castle — Neildpath 028 Her father refused to let her marry her lover – the Laird of Tushielaw who was considered to be beneath her station. Left in isolation she pined away to a bag of bones and no doubt died of malnutrition – or – if you are a romantic – a broken heart. Sir Walter Scott’s poem ‘The Maid of Neidpath’ tells the story much better than I can 🙂   Border Raider

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  1. Don

    February 1, 2023 at 17:33

    I stumbled across this post I did eight years ago .. so being a romantic at heart – I re-posted it – wouldn’t you? 😉


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