Red Chillies and Plum

15 Oct

Red chillies and plum – could be the ingredients of my favourite lipstick – but – on this occasion I’m using them to tickle the tastebuds in my first ever attempt at making chutney.

Red chillies – ginger and red onion all finely chopped and ready to go —

chutney mix 001

Well – not quite – a small green chillie wasn’t too keen on going back into the fridge on it’s own so I chopped it up too and it was fairly happy to join it’s red brothers in the mix —

chutney mix 006

The recipe said ‘brambles’ but the berry season is well past and brambles have too many seeds for my liking.

My local Tesco had ‘home ripening’ plums – so plums it is – stoned and quartered ready to join the softening chillies and co in the pan —

chutney mix 005

Sorted – my weigh scales aren’t working but that looks like 45g of caster sugar to me – a tablespoon of olive oil – yes – 30ml of red wine vinegar? – No – not present but for a colour blind ijit like mesel the remnants of a bottle of Yellow Label cabernet sauvignon and a splash of balsamic vinegar should add enough juice —

chutney mix 003

Thirty minutes later – voila – we have chutney —

chutney mix 007

and – washing up completed —

chutney mix 008

Time to taste on a fresh local roll with boiled ham from my favourite CD butcher —

chutney mix 009

and fruit scones laden with my own damson jam. Yes – I freely admit – I pigged it! —

chutney mix 010

Furtive tastes from the pan had me thinking I had used too many chillies but a squeeze of lemon before taking the pan off the heat seemed to civilise matters a tad and my chutney didn’t overpower the taste of the ham.

And – a lick of the aftertaste from my lips proved my point. If it had failed as a chutney my red chillie and plum concoction would have been a success as a lipstick 🙂

Red Chillies and Plum

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