Bush Mechanic in the Chicken Shed

09 Jan

I spent ten years of my life as a bush mechanic involved in building roads – power stations – dry docks and all the ancillary work that goes with major construction projects in Darkest Africa and the Middle East —


In those sort of places you don’t do things by the book —


you use what you’ve got to hand —


Today the deck chairs came in useful although it wasn’t exactly deck chair weather outside where it was blowing a hoolie carrying winter rain with it —


The book says to drop the motor out of the frame but working solo without jacks or lifting and lowering tackle it was easier to put blocks under the motor —


and lift the bare frame off after undoing all the engine mounting bolts —


A piece of cake really —


Reminds me of playing Musical Chairs in the village hall as a kid but they might prevent nosy parkers knocking my hard won motor off it’s pedestal in my absence as I’m off to spend a few days round the Glasgow hospitals next week for more tests and assessments. Once the medics get their hands on you they don’t seem to want to let go 🙂

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Posted by on January 9, 2015 in Yamaha FJ1100



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