Seville Orange and Cranberry Marmalade

27 Jan

I had hoped to make Blood Orange Marmalade this winter but missed out. No worries – I like my marmalade tasting tart and with a bit of colour in it. The tin of Tesco thin cut bitter tasting Seville Orange ‘Ma Made’ mix didn’t look as if it would cut the mustard on it’s own —

Marmalade 001

When I spotted a bag of cranberries on the dried fruit shelf in the store I got the idea to add them to the mix. Brilliant! The mix has developed into a fantastic colour —

Marmalade 003

Thankfully it’s a lovely warm colour in the jar too —

Marmalade 004

Now it’s just a case of keeping everything crossed that it sets 🙂

Quick Edit some twelve hours later;

And set it did – beautiful!

toast 001

Marked ‘Something New’ and suitable for home baking or cooking the cranberries had apparently been through a sweetening process to make them edible for the masses. I had cut back on the recommended amount of sugar in the mix anyway so say no more – into the pan they went and the end result is a ‘tart’ taste that suits my palate and a bite as good as it looks.

M-mmm – it’s only five o’clock in the morning but I think I will have another piece of toast – and marmalade 🙂

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