Blood and Seville Orange Marmalade

29 Jan

Blood and Orange 001Blood and Seville Orange Marmalade – just what a guy needs when he wakes up to snow all around.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any but the recently made Orange and Cranberry was a good substitute.

I had thought the blood oranges season had passed me by but I didn’t reckon on the eagle eyes of Lady ‘H’ who spotted a few at her favourite greengrocer over in CD and generously donated them to the cause.

After some fun in the snow on a drive to Dumfries to collect a few bits from Screwfix for the FJ1100 project this morning I dropped into our excellent Polar Bites wet fish shop.

Thursday is a good day for fresh fish. It’s as if they have jumped straight off the boats over by the quay wall. It’s also a good day for Seville Oranges as I came across some in their fruit and veg display. Sorted!

After the beginners luck I had with my Orange and Cranberry marmalade I’m probably tempting fate with this next lot.

No worries – we can but try. First off I washed and peeled the oranges before pulping the flesh with my bare hands. It cleans up a bike mechanic’s fingers better than any Jiff and is so kind to the skin 🙂

Blood and Orange 002

Then it was a case of roughly cutting the peel and mixing it through the juicy stuff before adding all the sugar I had in the cupboard —

Blood and Orange 003

Talking about bikes – I was heading out to my mate Phil’s shed to make up some blanks from 6 or 8mm ply to close off the inlet and exhaust ports of the big Yam motor before degreasing – power washing and painting the mucky brute (the FJ motor – not my mate Phil) —

Blood and Orange 004

Didn’t do any harm to mix the sugar through the orangey stuff and leave it all in the bowl to blend while I went off to do something useful — like cutting out my blanks all ready for a day in the workshop tomorrow —

Blood and Orange 011

Blanks made – I’ve seen pancakes that look like that – it’s time to put the mix on the stove —

Blood and Orange 005

where it churned away merrily for forty five mins before I spooned a test sample onto a plate and shoved it in the fridge for five mins to check if it was in setting mode. If it’s still runny just cross the fingers and boil it some more —

Blood and Orange 007

On this occasion I gave it another ten minutes on the stove before carefully decanting the very hot marmalade into clean and sterilised hot jars —

Blood and Orange 008

Job Done!

Well almost – I’ve still got the washing up to do 🙂



Blog done – washing up done and – guess what ???

set 001

It’s set and it isn’t even cold yet! Obviously my years of building concrete batching plants for the construction industry have n’t been wasted after all 🙂


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