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FJ1100 – Sigh of Relief

The saga of my FJ refurb has reached the first milestone with the painting of the motor and upper frame virtually complete.

I have yet to decide what to do with the peely-wally rocker cover. I will probably go for a more attractive finish on it and the clutch cover – perhaps some type of plating to catch the eye —

done 002

I have brush-painted the motor with heat resistant Satin Black High Temperature paint from Halfords and it appears to have stuck – so far —

done 006

For the frame I opted to use an aerosol can of Hammerite which should do the trick —

done 004

But time will tell and while I allow both lots of paint time to cure I will give the FJ a rest and head for the MoT Test Station on the Tenere tomorrow —

done 008

I checked the Ten out today and all she needed was a few psi in the tyres and she is ready to go.

Let’s hope the sun continues to shine on the righteous 🙂

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