The Fossil Hunters

15 Feb

Went on a fossil hunt with Helen today. We were heading for the Mull of Galloway but stopped at a few places on the way to practise.

Didn’t take long to find something —

Fossil Hunt 007

but it wasn’t a fossil —

side tracked

and neither was this – some people- with their head in the clouds – are easily side-tracked —

what did i tell you ---

Further down the coast the Birdcage Development by Drumore Harbour might be a fossil all too soon as work has been held up on it for many years – apparently due a planning dispute —

Fossil Hunt 015

and it will be a long time before the company yacht – currently laying on it’s ribs out back is ready take fare paying passengers —

Fossil Hunt 018

Shame cos the customers would have a wonderful view from the air conditioned top deck —

Fossil Hunt 021

Now this ol’ water butt is part-way to being a fossil already. I would love to take her home with us —

Fossil Hunt 016

Likewise the vintage ERF with a fossilised Fergie tractor on it’s back —

Fossil Hunt 013

I could scratch around old trucks and boats all day – but duty calls —

Fossil Hunt 024

Looks as if Helen has found something interesting —

Fossil Hunt 025

Could be auditioning for a ‘rear of the year’ competition but has in fact found some colourful lichen on a step stone or shelf built into the wall —


The old boy did eventually find his fossil in this recently split rock —

Fossil Hunt 026

and not to be outdone – —

Fossil Hunt 038

Helen found her own fearless fossil in danger of being blown off the clifftop —

action shot

A lovely way to spend the day —

sea grasses

fossil hunting on the Mull of Galloway —

Fossil Hunt 035

What more can a guy say 🙂

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