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FJ1100 and it’s Ubiquitous 36Y’s

Corruption is everywhere these days and no more so than in the motorcycling field where the ubiquitous 36Y inlet rubbers fitted as standard on the FJ1100 are the ‘must have’ tuning accessories for the XJR1300.

bikeshed 019 (3)

The late arriving XJR uses the same motor but Mr Yamaha strangled the beast at birth when he specified a cumbersome exhaust system and matched it with 33mm inlet rubbers.

bikeshed 053

Fitting a free-breathing Akro like the one on my old bike above – plus a set of these 36mm inlet rubbers stolen from an FJ releases a few more ponies as well as lowering the all up weight by a worthwhile margin.

tidal 017

But my FJ rubbers are going nowhere ‘cept back onto the inlet’s whence they came —

tidal 020

There’s still work to do on the cam cover seen here in a ‘before’ shot —

tidal 023

but what goes round under it looks to be in good order with minimal apparent wear on the cam lobes and what appears to be a sound cam chain set-up —

tidal 024

The carbs are coming along nicely – it’s just a case of deciding how far to go with them in house. Providing they are reasonably clean inside I won’t send them off for ultra-sonic cleaning as it’s my intention to keep the costs sensible —

tidal 026

A tidy bike – running like she should is my aim.


But I will have to wear my mask —

tidal 031

and go rob a bank if I want to make her like new 🙂


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Ducati Scrambler Reviewed

I’ve hitched a ride with Bike World all the way to California – USA – to check out the new for 2015 Ducati Scrambler —

Lightweight – looks cool – aimed at the youth market – but – just like sex – it’s wasted on the young.


Ducati badge on the tank – air cooled motor – comfy seat over the 120 mile tank range – competitive price and will hold it’s value – especially the spoked wheel models.

Could this be the smart little fox that will chase my Tall Ten out of the chicken shed?


Thanks are due to Bike World and Cycle World for the use of the vid and pic – the words and thoughts are all mine – Don 🙂

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