Reunion Island

20 Feb

Reunion Island – a tiny island in the Indian Ocean – 200 clicks east of Madagascar —


With visitors to my blog from well over one hundred countries it shouldn’t surprise me to have one from Reunion Island –

but it did —


Looks like an idyllic sort of place – if jungle isn’t your thing just find a beach and chill —


Feeling energetic – hire a boat and go fishing —


and let someone else climb mountains and sweat their way through the jungle —


With a smidgeon under one million inhabitants you won’t bump into folks round every corner – so if you get into trouble out back don’t expect an answer when you shout for help —


Looks like a tranquil – peaceful place and for my visitor from Reunion Island here’s a shot I took earlier today of my own peaceful – tranquil part of the world. The invading Norsemen called this area the ‘land of milk and honey’ when they took a rest from raping and pillaging and settled here over one thousand years ago —

Reunion Island 001

Something tells me that the remote – one-time French colony of Reunion Island with it’s idyllic year-round temperature ranging from 20 to 30 degrees may have won this round 🙂

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