Trials Bikes – Then and Now

24 Feb

Twin shock trials – there’s a whole world built up around them nowadays as a result of modern trials bikes being ‘improved’ since the advent of monoshock technology.

An early example of a modified twin shock machine is this Spanish built Ossa with mono-shock conversion —


She is a very nice bike and not far removed from her original – Mick Andrews designed twin-shock ancestor –

the 1984 Ossa 250 Trials —

green ossa 250 trials

I used a similar bike in competition in the early eighties and loved it’s green colour scheme with gold wheel rims but found her to be underpowered as standard. When Skipton based Kieth Horsman offered to fit my bike with reed valve induction I was made up.

He certainly discovered several more horses and riding her became a whole new ball game.

The early mono-shocked Ossa is still recognisable as a motorbike  – unlike the state-of-the-art machines specially built for today’s trials sections which have seen the introduction of a whole new points scoring system in order to find a winner.

The Gas Gas 2015 TXT —


Wheels and handlebars are about the only things I recognise. In fact so much has been changed that they have become nigh on impossible for mere mortals to ride with any degree of satisfaction.

No worries – it’s given me an idea for another post 🙂

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