Motorcycle touring in Spain

25 Feb

Spain can be considered one of the most perfect scenarios for motorcycling touring.  The weather is nice for most of the year, much better and sunnier in the South, but  I have a crush for the North of Spain.  I want to share with you one of those trips to the North.

I live in Madrid, the capital city, and located in the center of the country, so it’s a great place to travel anywhere.

This trip we went to Cantabria, right up North, known for the mountains and the sea views.

As always we start gathering early in the morning at a Gas Station.


Fill up the tanks, a quick coffee and we are on our way.  This time it was 8 motorcycles and 14 good friends.


As you drive North first you come accross a dry scenery and not much to see, but midway in the trip things change and everything gets greener and more beautiful.

885 841

There are always nice stops along the way…

943 942

Until we get to the beautiful coast…

905 915 921

Obviously a trip like this can not continue without tasting the local food….


We spent the night there and on the way back to Madrid the following day we went across the mountains…

962 859

I hope you enjoy it….

By the way, the Honda Varadero proved to be the perfect bike for all kinds of road travelling.


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