Pan Eleven Comes Home

04 Mar

Mr Honda's Magic Carpet 005Never thought I would see this day when a Pan Eleven would have a place in my heart.

In my shed perhaps – but in my heart – No Way!

But – when I first rode the Honda ST1100 Pan European last month through the snow covered landscape – I knew – that by hook or by crook – she would be coming to stay.

Wasn’t till I got her home that I discovered just how big she is.

On the road she feels no size at all. In fact the way she picked her path over the hilly backroads in the snow was a revelation. Her sure-footedness would have put many – much smaller bikes to shame.

It wasn’t until she came into the shed that I realised I had brought a monster into our midst.

None of my bike covers fit.

fj rebuild 008

and she has a ‘J-Lo’ butt!

fj rebuild 009

No worries – she’s a ‘keeper’ —

fj rebuild 010

More important – there IS one thing that fits and that’s ME 🙂

fj rebuild 011

It’s twenty years since I rode the BMW 1100GS in Green Spain – and – it’s twenty years since this Honda ST1100 first put rubber on the road. My BMW covered 42000mls in her first year. This bonnie Honda has covered 24000mls in twenty years!

High time she caught up 🙂


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