A Shock for FJ

05 Mar

Shock for FJ 005A shock for the FJ1100. In some respects it was for me too as I didn’t expect to be this far on. The bike appears to be coming together despite me – as I only put in a few hours on her now and again. Just one of the benefits of being long time retired.

This FJ has an aftermarket Hagon shock fitted. The paint on the spring is a bit shabby but I’m not too worried about that at the moment. If she works well enough when complete she can stay there for the time being as the budget on this ‘project bike’ is tighter than a gnat’s chuff.

Understandable – considering I only started it to keep me off the streets this winter.

At least the shock linkage on this thirty years old bike has plenty of grease nipples fitted as standard. We seldom see a nipple on modern bikes – unless it’s a decorative one complete with tassles at Bike Shows —

Shock for FJ 006

The shock and the swing arm went in this afternoon – and – yes – I remembered to hook the arm through the endless final drive chain before bolting the swingarm in place —

Shock for FJ 016

The bolts holding the frame parts together are not much more than finger tight so it left a bit of ‘wiggle’ room – handy when locating the long swingarm pivot bolt —

Shock for FJ 013

Things are going well —

Shock for FJ 018

Even the exhaust header pipe clamps are cleaning up nicely —

Shock for FJ 012

A pleasant surprise as I thought they were well tarnished when I took them off the bike. I simply soaked them in degreaser – left them for a few days – then got the wire brush onto them —

Shock for FJ 001

The two on the right are not exactly pristine but they will do for me at this stage 🙂


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