Lumps of Ice

31 Mar

lumps of ice 016I could hear lumps of ice rattling off the roof this afternoon but the FJ and I were as snug as a couple of bugs inside.

lumps of ice 001It’s nice to have a job to do under cover when the weather turns wicked even if it’s to do it twice as in the case of this rear shock.

I had already bolted it in place a few weeks ago after a cursory clean up. Out she came again to clean the flaking red paint from the spring and give her a fresh coat of black gloss. Then it was a case of greasing up the shock linkage before putting her all back together again.

lumps of ice 004

That’s better – next to go in were the front forks —

lumps of ice 012

The headstock on the FJ is so well braced – from memory the only bike I’ve worked on with this amount of metal around the headstock was an upmarket Bimota sports bike.

lumps of ice 014

Doesn’t that paint look the dog’s danglies!

lumps of ice 013

Even if it did come from a Hammerite aerosol can.

Better still —

lumps of ice 019

By the time I was ready for home the river by the back door was still between it’s banks and the skies were blue overhead 🙂


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