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By Pan to Ballantrae

By Pan to Ballantrae – sixty five miles by my watch. Just a village by the sea behind that snowcapped mountain in the distance —

Pan One 001

Didn’t seem very far at all on the Pan European – —

Pan One 013

I guess I will have to recalibrate my poor brainbox for this bike. I had her fishtailing under the brakes into a ninety right leading onto a stone-walled bridge in a manner that Mark Marques would have been proud of at one point.

Pity that big V4 is hidden behind plastic for she is certainly a peach of a motor —

Pan One 018

I had taken the hill route and when I eached the coast I made an early stop to explore for driftwood by yon houses at the far end of the bay —

Pan One 007

There’s more here than I can fit in the panniers —

Pan One 009

all watched over by a memorial to Henry Ewing-Torbet —

Pan One 004

His epitaph reads – ‘Respected and Independant’ – he couldn’t have been a politician.

Pan One 017

No worries – Henry has lovely views —

Pan One 006

in every direction —

Pan One 016

including to Ailsa Craig —

Pan One 005

Beautiful – but —

Pan One 021

my next view will be of the road down the coast to Cairnryan and Stranraer where I pick up the A75 for home to complete the circle 🙂

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