Assault and Battery by Pan

07 Apr

Assault and battery about covers my Easter weekend. My ol’ body is still suffering aches n pains from the hard ride on the ill-handling ST1100 but she did flow better on the ride home after I had tenderised the stiff rear shock damping.

Pan Battery 002

We should also be able to put our battery problems behind us. I was handed a new replacement today from the dealer – no questions asked. Can’t say fairer than that.

Pan Battery 003

Couldn’t help but notice the battery that went down was 12v/12 Amp Hour output.

The new battery is 12v/20 Amp Hour output – a usefull upgrade.

Pan Battery 004

Confession time – it was my own fault that I was unable to remove the side panel over the battery by the roadside. Fusspot here had replaced the two Phillips type retaining screws with socket headed screws when the bike was in the workshop as they are generally more robust and easier to work with. I wrongly assumed there would be allen keys in the bike’s toolkit to fit. Doh!

Spring time 001

But – there was a Phillips screwdriver to fit the ones I had thrown away – double Doh! 🙂


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