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ST1100 Catches the Sun

What a difference a week makes. Perhaps I tried to go ‘too far – too soon’ on Easter weekend for I definitely struggled with the big Honda ST1100 Pan European.

Now that I’ve adjusted the rear suspension settings to something like they should have been in the first place and burned a few years worth of WD40 and bike polish off the brake pads, discs and tyres during an ‘interesting’ first thousand miles, she is becoming the relaxing ride I had hoped for in the first place.



Her current average of 47mpg is not to be sniffed at for a big V4 motor and it can only improve as I get accustomed to her low down torque and – unusual for a motorcycle –  fuel saving high top gear that I sometimes overlooked in the early stages.

Yup – with the sun breaking through the mist we were out there again this morning just enjoying the ride 🙂

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