Shiver me Timbers

22 Apr

bowspritIt was always my intention to get mesel a sail boat of some kind when I finished with motorbikes but for some reason walking away from bikes hasn’t happened yet.

No worries – I’ve still got my certificates so when I get a chance to sail I’m up for it.

Getting a crew together at short notice isn’t as easy as it used to be when press-ganging was in fashion but Jack the Lad here looks fit and able.



I found him halway up a coconut tree on a deserted island so climbing the rigging on this old tub should be no problem at all.

I will try my scowl – that usually get’s em aloft —

what's up duck

Oops – doesn’t seem to have worked on Jack —


I suppose I could get him to clear that rubbish off the table and get some dinner going —



while I go up there and look for the sea —


I don’t remember having this many ropes on my Wayfarer dinghy when I passed my sailing test on Loch Earn —


No worries – I reckon we will be ok once we are out at sea ——

sea legs

But there’s not even a stray puff of wind to get us going —

Bowsprit too

So it was a matter of waiting for the tide to turn then Jolly Jack Tar and mesel brought her down river on the ebb —

at the wheel

and before we knew it —-


we had wind in our sails and were set fair for open water 🙂

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