Tenere to the Fore

30 Apr

With the Pan awaiting a replacement rear shock the frugal Tenere is once again in pole position when the sun shines as it did this morning.


If the big single has a fault it’s vibration at low revs which brings a good ol’ rattle from the headlight area.


I’ve suspected for some time that the irritating noise has been coming from the screen mounts although the retaining screws thread into rubber inserts.

otter pool 014

A good thing about having more space to work in over in the chicken shed is that I have found some extremely useful tools that first graced my toolkit about fifty years ago.


Finding my set of hole punches and piece of soft foam rubber material – both on the same day – let me knock out some soft inserts which I fitted onto the fixing bolts between the screen and headlamp cowl.

otter pool 009

The proof was in the pudding. Or should I say – in today’s ride which took me and the Ten quietly through the hills and forests with just a muffled thump from the motor —


and no more annoying rattles from the plastics to disturb the beautiful countryside as it begins to come to life after what feels like a long winter.


A result 🙂

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