Giro D’italia

12 May

Davide FolomoWe may just have seen the saviour of professional cycling when a fresh-faced 22 year old looking like he hadn’t even started shaving won today’s stage of the Giro D’italia.

Italian youngster – Davide Folomo – riding for the new American team Cannondale-Garmin threw convention to the wind and rode the race of his young life leaving all of the fancied runners clutching at straws.

No doubt the hierarchy that controls cycling teams will rein him in before too long but it was good to see a transparently honest cycle race for once.

The sport has become stigmatised with drug cheats for too long.


Had he been riding for an established team I have no doubt Davide would have been delegated to domestique duties where he would fetch and carry drinks and power bars from the following team cars to his senior riders at the head of the peleton.


It was good to see youth take it’s chance and boy – did he show them the way!


By the time the team bosses woke up to the danger and organised a pursuit from the confused pack – he was gone.


and – What’s with the pics?


I felt so energised after watching today’s Stage on BTSport that I decided to ignore the sore joints and muscles I had been nursing all day – got my old Raleigh out – swallowed another voltarol and tackled my local Giro D’dee 🙂


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