Pan at play in Rhinns of Galloway

19 May

After studying form on Friday night weather forecast it looked like an early start on Saturday would be the best bet in the sunshine stakes for the weekend.

With a new shock to try out two up on the Pan —


and 30mm risers fitted —

sepia risers

we were in Portpatrick for breakfast —

shiny pan

followed by a sunbathe on the rocks in the bay. We didn’t hang around too long in case I got as rusty as that ol’ bit of ironmongery nailed into the rock —


So we made a quick gettaway and managed to dodge the rain all the way down to sun drenched Mull of Kintyre where we coffee’d up and had a natter about lady riders with the Kawasaki Team from Ardrossan who had decided to dodge the raindrops by coming down by car.


Apart from a ticking off by the restaurant management for chosing the wrong spot to park things were going well with the bike and a heavy hand on the throttle saw us stay ahead of the next big shower all the way up into the back country as we took the long way home 🙂

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